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Cotton Trading World Wide
Since 1919

Our slogan speaks for itself- we are excited to be an active part of the cotton industry for almost 100 years. We define entrepreneurial success differently in these times of shareholder value and management decisions, the validity of which more often than not only last until the next quarterly report.
Reliability, dynamics and innovations are standard for us, furthermore hanseatic merchant virtues such as flexibility, honesty and diligence dominate our business today as it did in the past and enabled us to continue successfully through the toughest times.We feel committed to this tradition and conduct our cotton operations under this motto. This policy was successful and still is as demonstrated by the history of our company and the many satisfied clients we service around the world.

Having established our name as the biggest supplier in Germany we continuously expanded our field of work, first toward Western and Eastern Europe and then following the worldwide trend, also towards the Far East.We are glad to have been successfully able to establish our name and prove to be a reliable and supportive partner to our clients worldwide.

Especially the direct link with the Israel Cotton Board which enabled us to trade their cotton worldwide, makes us proud, as we were able to extend the cooperation to an exclusivity agreement in 2009 which makes us the sole marketing arm of the Israel Cotton Board.

Our Mission:
We believe in full service on a fair and cooperative basis where clients are long team partners and good service is beneficial to all parties involved. Not only do we provide you with the cotton you need, but we also make sure that you get it where and when you need it.

What we do:
Our function as merchant positions us as a link between producer and consumer. We are glad to be a part of the Global Textile Chain and would like to offer our services to you. Includes careful quality selection, application and client specific advice as well as care from experienced specialists. We take over the quality-assurance at origin, port of shipment, and/or place of storage. Upon need we gladly dispatch outturn-samples prior shipment and quality reports by the Fiber Institute/Bremen Cotton Exchange.

Due to our well stocked warehouse in Bremen (Germany) as well as Qingdao and Shanghai we are able to take the financial pressure off our clients and deliver the cotton almost just in time for production. Our shipping department takes over the logistic surveillance, administration and documentation from origin until port of destination or mill premises.



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